Prom 2013

I don't share a lot of family photos on my blog (I try to keep it quilty) but I just couldn't resist posting this.
Our son William and Sylvie his girlfriend are both graduating from high school this year and this past Friday night was their Prom. These two are true high school sweethearts. I think they make such a beautiful couple and don't you just love Sylvie’s dress!
They had a beautiful evening, and then to top it off they were crowned Prom King and Queen!
One last picture from the night to share …
Jennifer our youngest put together the pictures below before William and Sylvie left for the Prom.
The first one below was taken when William was 6 years old and he was heading off to his first day of Grade One and Jenny was four years old starting Junior Kindergarten. The second picture was taken last Friday – William 17 on his way to Prom and Jenny 15 being the ham that she is. One way or another she can always make him smile!

I will cherish these fun pictures forever.
My kids are growing up way too fast!


  1. Beautiful couple. I hear ya on the kids growing up too fast - my baby turns 21 today. :S

  2. Beautiful! Makes me wistful! My grandbabies are getting to prom age now. Your children are gorgeous.

    Cheery wave from

  3. Beautiful couple. Congratulations on their graduation!

  4. A beautiful story, a beautiful couple! So rare that people love each other all their lives, unfortunately. This is just fantastic, that William and Sylvie retain their affection!

  5. That's so sweet that they were Prom King and Queen!


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