On Display

Back in January 2008 I showed you the way I love to display my quilts in our home and I wanted to share it with you again. I have always found it difficult to pick just one quilt to display and if you're like me and have many quilts, it's even harder! I took this picture in my sewing room this morning.

Hmmm … I wonder what this display idea would look like as a headboard in our guest room … I better get back to my quilting! LOL

Something New!

I know I should be working on my new patterns every chance I get, but today I took some time away from sewing to create a new blog header. A change is always good and this was so much fun to make. Now it's back to my sewing room, 5 quilts to finish. OH MY!!

A Little Sneak Peek

This past week has been a very busy one for me, with many new and exciting things going on.

First there are my 5 new patterns that are almost ready ... but not quite, so I can't show them all to you yet. Here's a little sneak peek of what’s to come - it's one of the blocks in my new sail boat quilt.

I’m not going to be able to participate at Spring Market this year. It's disappointing to miss the chance to share my designs and ideas with all the quilt shop owners who attend. But I will have my new patterns out very soon and I promise over the next week or so I will post some more sneak peeks for you.

Then there’s my new logo. Natalie at Modern Sugar helped me to bring together the design elements. She is very talented and so easy to work with. I hope you like it as much as I do. Thanks again Natalie!

I'm working hard to complete my new patterns. I'll reveal more glimpses of these works in progress as soon as I can, so I hope you'll visit again in a few days.

Sweet Easter

Happy Easter!

I love Easter!! I remember as a child my Mom always made Easter so magical. She would create the most beautiful baskets and hide them in our house. Often snow was still on the ground so an Easter egg hunt outside was just not to be. She would start the day's festivities with an elegant formal breakfast in the dining room with the center piece on the table being all of the colored eggs that we had made the day before, and the day would finish with a wonderful Easter Dinner.
It was magical day filled with love and family, I have wonderful memories of this time. So this morning when my children get up and come down for breakfast the tradition continues. I hope that your Easter is filled with traditions and happy memories and that you spend your day doing what you love with who you love.

P.S. This year Easter is just a little sweeter for me becuase we celebrated my Dad's 82nd birthday this past Thursday and today it's my birthday. This will be a wonderful day for sure!

Peas in a Pod

My sister-in-law sent me an email today that's going around titled

"Beware of identiy theft this Easter "

with these adorable pictures attached.

Oh my gosh they are so sweet they realy made me smile so for those of you who have not seen these pictures I hope they make you smile too.

So Sweet!