A Little More Space

I'm spending my days writing, writing, writing ... lots of new patterns!  So since I don't have much to show you yet, I thought I would share some pictures of the new fabric side of my office.  Last year I posted lots of pictures of my studio here but I'm already bursting at the seams so I decided it was time to get organized and move some fabric into my office which is right beside my studio. 
Last week we purchased some shelves for my office. I think I might add some crown molding to the top and decorative trim to the bottom just to dress them up a little. The frame in the corner is for a bulletin board that is in the works.  It's so nice to finally have my fabric bolts up on shelves.  I also created another cutting space -  it's great to have a little more room. 

Hope you all enjoy a wonderful week!


  1. So bright and cheery..love the lamp. First thing I thought of was lamp dust nightmare!! 😃

  2. Pure Bliss and Inspiration surrounding you! Happy Hearts are Creative Hearts...

  3. Anonymous5/22/2013

    Looks gorgeous Margot and I love the Shangri La quilt in the back ground

  4. Gorgeous! Love the fabric & watering can & lamp . . . I could so live in this beautiful room. Thanks for sharing.

  5. What a cheerful and 'yummy-looking' space, Margot. I really need to clear out my studio. It's coming down around my shoulders these days. (You know...when there's just so much in their that it seems to be closing in on you?) I think I'll have to start with a new layout. Time to get out the pencil and paper. Thanks for the inspiration!


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