Around The Block

"Around the Block" is one of my favorite NEW designs. It features a simple block, with a fun twist on binding.
The finished size is 58" by 66".

I just posted Around the Block as well as Sugar Squares and Buttercream on my website.

I have four more patterns coming this week! I’ll be back to share them with you very soon.

Sugar Squares

Sugar Squares is the second quilt pattern I designed with ‘Butterfields’. This one is super easy and lots of fun to make. The squares come together fast with strip piecing.
Sugar Squares finishes 60" by 70".


Sparkle is one of the free quilt patterns I designed to accompany "Butterfields" fabric collection. I just finished making the quilt this morning so I wanted to share some pictures of it with you.

If you would like to download the pattern
you can find it here

Sewing Room Favorites

Earlier this week Lissa Alexander from Moda e-mailed me inviting me to be part
of her April Tools Day on her blog. 
I visited her blog this morning and it's filled with designers' thoughts on their favorite tool - you know, the one that they can't live without.  I'm heading back there to enjoy them all but I thought I would post a link here so you can all join me.

P.S.  This is my favorite tool
I have many tools in my sewing room that I love to use, but the small tool I love the most is the Clover Desk Needle Threader.
This Needle Threader makes threading those small needles so easy and fast – it’s just the perfect tool. Couldn’t live without it!

What's your favorite tool?