I'm busy waiting for "Blushing" to arrive ...
I'm busy waiting for five NEW quilts to
return from my machine quilter ...
I'm busy waiting for my sewing machine
to come back from being cleaned ...
What am I busy doing ??
Here's a sneak peek
I'm busy making these applique blocks. 
This collection of fabric is called Paris Flea Market. It was out years ago and I bought a lot of it then.   Moda announced earlier this year that they would re-release it January 2013 and I am so excited about that.
I'm a big fan of timeless fabric collections and this is one of them.

Winter White

My gift to you this Holiday Season.
This easy-to-make and fun-to-give pincushion is called Winter White.
I love to give homemade things and I know we all live busy lives so I designed this pincushion with that in mind. Its super easy and fast to make. The stores are filled with beautiful ornaments so I couldn’t resist adding this little dove to my pincushion.


Winter White Pincushion Pattern
One little clip-on bird or other ornament
Three squares of Holiday fabric 8 ½”, 6 ½”, 4 ½”
Three squares of Creamy/white fabric
8 ½”, 6 ½”, 4 ½”
Creamy/white print for the tie 3 ½” by 38”
Batting squares 8 ½”, 6 ½”, 4 ½”
Poly stuffing and poly pellets Craft size package
Step One - The Pincushion

Place the 8 ½” Holiday fabric square on top of the 8 ½” square of batting, right side up.  Quilt as desired.

Once quilted place the 8 ½”  square on top of the 8 ½” creamy/white fabric, right sides together.  Using a walking foot, sew ¼” around the perimeter leaving a 2” opening to turn right sides out.  Before you turn the square right sides out, be sure to clip the corners to get rid of the bulk, making sure you do not cut into the sewn line.  Now turn the square right sides out.  Firmly stuff with poly fill and plastic pellets to add weight.  Hand stitch the opening closed.

Repeat these steps with the fabric and batting for the 6 ½” pin cushion and the 4 ½”pincushion. 
Place them on top of one another with the 8 ½” pin cushion on the bottom, the 6 ½” pincushion in the middle and the 4 ½” pincushion on top.
Step Two - Tie

Fold the 3 ½” by 38” strip of creamy/white print in half, right sides together.  Sew ¼” down the side and on a diagonal across both ends, leaving a 3” opening in the middle to turn right sides out.  Turn and stitch the opening closed.

Wrap the Tie around the pincushions, and secure with a bow on the top and add your ornament.

From my sewing room to yours … I hope you enjoy this winter white pincushion!


New Pattern "Snow Angels"

I’m so excited about Christmas this year!  I’m not really sure why but I am definitely getting into the holiday spirit.  We already have had a little dusting of snow to start the season off.  Thankfully it didn’t stick around but it won’t be long and we will be knee-deep in snow.

I’ve been designing and quilting a lot these past couple of months and I am hoping to have all my new patterns out very soon.  Because the Holiday Season is fast approaching, I would like to share my new pattern “Snow Angels” with you right away.
Strip piecing with Fat Eights or a Layer Cake makes this quilt come together super fast.
Snow Angels will be available on my website later today.  I designed this Quilt in a Moda Holiday collection but I think it would be beautiful in any collection - it’s not just for the Holidays.

The finished size is 61" square.

Click on the pictures below to make them bigger.

Snow Angels

Snow Angels is my newest pattern.  I'm working on binding this morning, then a photo shoot this afternoon and of course I’ll be posting pictures … so I hope you’ll come back to visit!