Sweet Easter

Happy Easter!

I love Easter!! I remember as a child my Mom always made Easter so magical. She would create the most beautiful baskets and hide them in our house. Often snow was still on the ground so an Easter egg hunt outside was just not to be. She would start the day's festivities with an elegant formal breakfast in the dining room with the center piece on the table being all of the colored eggs that we had made the day before, and the day would finish with a wonderful Easter Dinner.
It was magical day filled with love and family, I have wonderful memories of this time. So this morning when my children get up and come down for breakfast the tradition continues. I hope that your Easter is filled with traditions and happy memories and that you spend your day doing what you love with who you love.

P.S. This year Easter is just a little sweeter for me becuase we celebrated my Dad's 82nd birthday this past Thursday and today it's my birthday. This will be a wonderful day for sure!


  1. Hello, Margot. I love Easter too, and have wonderful memories. Happy Easter, husgs, from Brasil

  2. What lovely memories you have of this special time and how wonderful that you are keeping this tradition alive.

    Happy Easter and Happy Birthday! ...Ann :)

  3. I hope you have had a wonderful birthday! And many more special ones to come.


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