Peas in a Pod

My sister-in-law sent me an email today that's going around titled

"Beware of identiy theft this Easter "

with these adorable pictures attached.

Oh my gosh they are so sweet they realy made me smile so for those of you who have not seen these pictures I hope they make you smile too.

So Sweet!


  1. Awwww...shucks! Happy Easter...Ann :)

  2. Those pic's are tooooo cute for word's just love 'em Happy Easter

  3. They're adorable!!! Thanks for sharing them! Happy Easter.

  4. Hello, what lovely pictures! Hugs, from Brasil

  5. Oh my gosh. How cute are those photos I love rabbits and dogs. Thank you for sharing these. I used to have a flemish giant and I loved him so. Now I have three bunnies one is beginning to touch noses with my dog. I cannot believe these photos. I loved them


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