Updates on my Sewing Room

These are the two men in my life who have been busy putting the finishing touches on my studio.  I have always wanted to put a frame around my design board and this past week it was completed. 
It's pretty easy to do with a little door framing material and helpers who know what they're doing ... thank goodness for these two! 

Jenny (my daughter) and I worked on the bulletin board last night.  Love the way it turned out!
We used an old frame and some 1/2" insulation, a piece of batting, some Butterfields fabric and a glue gun.  We also added some little half-circle scallops of Butterfields at the bottom for fun.
The board is a bit empty at the moment but I know it won't be long before it's overflowing!

We also got around to hanging some rulers and a couple of shelves. 

I'm really loving this idea.  I was at Homesense the other day and found this wood mannequin that I think is perfect for hanging my small scissors and rotary cutters to keep them handy.

Last but not least my little Louis is 7 months old and tips the scales at a hefty 4 pounds.
He is such a sweet boy and is a delightful part of my day!

Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Your studio is just beautiful! I'm looking forward to the day when I have my own dedicated studio space. Until then I can dream ... thanks for the great ideas! Happy weekend!

  2. brenda7/21/2012

    just lovely. such fresh colors. looks like a wonderful place to sew and create. love the ideas.

  3. I love your scissor holder and your other Studio ideas.

  4. I love looking at your sewing room. Right now I'm trying to make an itty bitty room as efficient as possible. My husband is putting up shelves for me. Yay!


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