Photo Shoot

I'm taking lots of pictures of my new quilts today, but I'm getting side-tracked with little Louis insisting I take his picture, so here's a photo of my sweet Louis.

Click on the picture to see it bigger

He is very small, at 3 1/2 pounds he is not much bigger than a fat quarter bundle, but he has a huge personality.
I had no idea a little dog would be so much fun.

Ok ... I'm getting back to my quilts!

Hope you're having a fun Saturday!!

Adding another picture because he is just too sweet!


  1. Louie is so cute. Is he a rescue dog? We rescuded a minature dachshund in December, love him to pieces.

  2. I'm thinking Lois will make the perfect quilt model - he's darling! Funny how they manage to worm their way into our hearts and become part of the family.

  3. Very cute! Look at that adorable face! :)

  4. He is so cute!! :o)
    I love how his little legs
    are crossed in the last picture.
    What a little gentleman!


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