Spring Bling Pincushions

Who doesn't like a little sparkle?!

These two pincushions are easy to create and it’s so
much fun to fancy them up with a vintage brooch and some shimmery buttons. Or if sparkle isn’t your thing, a big round button in the middle of the flower would look beautiful.

This past December I found lots of beautiful brooches and buttons online at Etsy and at local shops.

Have fun hunting for just the right buttons or bling!

My new “Spring Bling” pattern
is available on my website.



  1. Waht lovely pincushions! They'll make a great gift - for me or a friend..

  2. Such a beautiful pincushion!

  3. Lovely pincushions, they are my passion too...

  4. Love it! I love all things sparkly and shiney :0
    Cathy Byrd


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