Catching Up

It’s been a while since I last posted on my blog. I’ve been suffering from bronchitis and the flu and my energy level has been very low. I’m so ready to get back to normal, and thankfully I feel much better this week. Being under the weather has slowed me down, but it hasn’t stopped me from dreaming of new patterns that I hope to have ready early 2011.  Moda sent me some beautiful new collections that I can’t wait to start working with!

With only a 10 more days until Christmas there are so many things to get caught up with. Thankfully my wonderful family decorated the house so I can focus on shopping and a little baking and -- like everyone -- a hundred other last-minute things. I am really excited about this Christmas, and now that I’m feeling better I know it’s going to be really enjoyable.

I hope you are all having fun getting ready for this wonderful time of year.

Happy Holidays!


  1. Hope you get feeling better soon...your new blog header looks lovely, too!

  2. hangs on forever. Feeling better now? Love your work. You are so inspiring.


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