So Sweet!

We took Rascal to the vet yesterday because he has been licking his belly naked. The doctor tells us that with the new puppy addition to the family, Rascal is feeling left out and we should spend more time playing with him. So it was difficult to work in my studio this morning with this little guy looking for love!

I thought I would share a moment of my morning with Rascal.

I hope all the days of 2010 start out this sweet!


  1. Oh. . . He is a sweetie. . ! Love how he just wants to be a part of your work & to just be with you. That's what I love about our pets. . . that unconditional love.
    xo, Bren

  2. Rascal is adorable. I wish you and him the best. Love your patterns!

  3. How very cute! Rascal looks like he's looking for some lovin.

  4. Meows and purrs from my 2 kitties...I'll keep the pups out of this post to avoid adding stress to Rascal's already busy world.
    Smart vet! Glad Rascal is enjoying the extra attention. He is very beautiful. Very sweet face!

  5. Hi Margot, I have a little black kitty who is always 1/2 bald. She licks her legs and tummy. Our vet said once they start it's had to get them to stop. I'll see if I can't get a photo for you. You'll crack up! She's not only skinny, but bald!

  6. They know how to be utterly adorable, don't they? Such a lovely montage.


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