Pure Love!

I love my husband

I love my son

I love my daughter

I love my family

I love my pets

I love my friends

I love me business and I LOVE my fabric

but when i think about pure love I think about my daughter Jenny and her love for her pony Holly.

Jenny's love for Holly is 100%, never failing and always true. I admire my little girl and how much she has grown up since we found her Holly. This past year has been a sweet journey for the two of them of friendship and love. It has had its ups and downs, with Holly being ill and Jenny being scared for her, but in the end pure love prevailed and they are better then ever together.

I am so grateful that she has had this moment in time. A friendship and love that she will never forget.

Happy Valentines day!

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  1. Wow, picvk up the tears from my keyboard. I have a crippling illness that I have had since the age of 2 yrs old . when i finally got out of a wheelchair -now kind of back in - when i was about 14 , my muscles were mush and horse lessons were suggested - quickly with my loving family that becanme horses at the barn of my own and th3en in our backyard - i had 4 total, but there was one purebred little guy Arabian, Micah. when we drove up to see him he looked ten feet tall (he was barely above pony size) and i started crying beccause he was the most beautiful (oh he qwas very fat too!) thing i had ever seen -= he came home a few days later, and for many months i wondered whta we had done as he was as wild and spoiled as they come, but then i fell in love- head over heels!! madly and forever. wipe more tears and try to see the keyboard through my wet eyes! I had Micah fgor 17 years until he was 23 yrs and they had to pull me off of him after we puhim down in the middle of the night and in the rain. u are right - jenny will never forgot a love like this!!! may she be as bleessed with her baby as i was with the love of my life, my main man, mikey boy! I have had hip repacemebts and the pain is much worse - i will never ride again, and since i will never hug mikeys neck again until i get to heaven!, there is no sense for me in even seeing horses, I have my quilting, my boxer babies, my famil, and juts try to get through the day with my health, but Mikeys picture sits on the fireplace and i still dont watch horse movies (I lost him like 5 years ago), but i will never forget him! I pray Jenny cherises every single moment she can with her beloved creature - like none other

    Thanks for letting me share!!!

    Tami C


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