It's Been a Wonderful Summer

Hard to believe summer is almost over. Only three more weeks until the kids go back to school and me back to work full-time designing patterns. I have been drawing out quilt designs and sewing and creating ideas in the early hours of each day and every chance I get, but most of my days are spent with my kids. William my son is 14 -- oh my gosh! I can't believe he is already 14!! He has had a busy summer with camping trips and spending lots of time with his friends. These next two weeks he's off to Quebec City and then to the Gaspe Peninsula with a good friend to go whale watching ... I miss him already and he only left yesterday. How am I ever going to deal with him going off to University some day?? That time will not be easy.

Jenny is spending her summer at the barn like always, but this time she is with her new horse, Vance. I am really proud of her accomplishments with Vance this summer. Lots of shows and lots of ribbons. It has been great fun to watch her and share the excitement. Here are some pictures of Jenny with her new guy.

I will be sad to see the summer come to an end, but secretly thrilled to be able to spend all of my days in my studio. I will be back soon with lots of new designs to share.
Enjoy the rest of your summer days!


  1. They make a good pair. Looking forwrad to seeing the fruits of your labours. Polkadots and Pinwheels is such a pretty quilt and I rather like Sugar Dops. Great designs. Ann :)

  2. they are beautiful together, it brings tears to my eyes, that used to be me before four kids and the new daily adventures we have. horses and shows and ribbons. i still have my favorite guy, he is old and mellow now, not the rocket of an arabian showhorse he was once was, but when it is cool and crisp he acts like he is two again. beautiful...


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